Male Hexagon Driver 3/8″ Square Drive Extra Long – Metric


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No warranty with male hexagon drivers

  • For the insertion (low torque) /removal of free-running fasteners.
  • The seal on rusted or glued fasteners must be broken before attempting removal with these tools.
Part No.Description individualSize (A) mmD2 mmL mmL2 mmPriceQuantityAdd to cart
MHD06M03ELMHD 3/8 Drive 3mm Extra Long31915011£26.50
MHD06M04ELMHD 3/8 Drive 4mm Extra Long41915011£26.50
MHD06M05ELMHD 3/8 Drive 5mm Extra Long51915011£26.50
MHD06M06ELMHD 3/8 Drive 6mm Extra Long61915011£26.50
MHD06M07ELMHD 3/8 Drive 7mm Extra Long71915016£26.50
MHD06M08ELMHD 3/8 Drive 8mm Extra Long81915016£26.50
MHD06M09ELMHD 3/8 Drive 9mm Extra Long91915016£26.50
MHD06M10ELMHD 3/8 Drive 10mm Extra Long101915016£26.50
MHD06M11ELMHD 3/8 Drive 11mm Extra Long111915016£26.50
MHD06M12ELMHD 3/8 Drive 12mm Extra Long121915016£26.50
MHD06M13ELMHD 3/8 Drive 13mm Extra Long131915016£26.50
MHD06M14ELMHD 3/8 Drive 14mm Extra Long141915016£26.50
MHD06M15ELMHD 3/8 Drive 15mm Extra Long151915016£26.50
MHD06M16ELMHD 3/8 Drive 16mm Extra Long161915016£26.50