Triple Square (Spline) Driver 1/2″ Drive



No warranty with male triple square/ribe drivers

  • For the insertion (low torque) /removal of free-running fasteners.
  • The seal on rusted or glued fasteners must be broken before attempting removal with these tools.
Part No.Description individualSizeD2 mmL mmPriceQuantityAdd to cart
TS08M05Tri-Square 1/2 Drive M5 StdM52555£13.30
TS08M06Tri-Square 1/2 Drive M6 StdM62555£13.30
TS08M08Tri-Square 1/2 Drive M8 StdM82555£13.30
TS08M10Tri-Square 1/2 Drive M10 StdM102555£13.30
TS08M12Tri-Square 1/2 Drive M12 StdM122555£13.30
TS08M14Tri-Square 1/2 Drive M14 StdM142555£16.00
TS08M16Tri-Square 1/2 Drive M16 StdM162555£18.50
TS08M18Tri-Square 1/2 Drive M18 StdM182555£21.10